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 Welcome to my website


There are times in life when we find ourselves struggling or are wanting to make changes and whether it is something from the distant past or is something more recent, counselling and therapy can help. 


I am a fully qualified and registered BACP (British Associtation for Counselling & Psyshotherapy)  therapist with many years experience working with individuals and couples.   


I offer short and long term counselling and therapy from my private practice in Lemon Street, Truro.

While my primary therapeutic approach is Psychodynamics.......which basically means that I link our early childhood history and experiences to our present thoughts, feelings and method of working is Integrative, meaning I also draw from different counselling approaches to help with specific issues and problems.


I strongly believe that understanding the root cause of our problems and how we got to where we are today, enables us to make sustainable positive change.

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