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There are a host of different reasons why you are thinking of coming for counselling or therapy. It may be that you are struggling to cope with a crisis situation or there is a particular problem that is ongoing and you are unable to resolve ......or maybe you have realised that you keep repeating the same self-defeating patterns and getting the same negative outcomes .........or you want to build your self confidence and find the power to change and be the person you want to be.

Talking with a professional therapist is different from other forms of help. It is solely about you and so offers the opportunity for you to talk  and explore your thoughts, feelings and what is troubling you. The therapy room is your space where you will be listened to, heard and understood…….which can be a unique experience.

Embarking on longer term therapy can sometimes require courage because it means visiting the very places in your past that may have been painful and you have been trying to forget or escape.

But it is very much worth doing because it is our early childhood experiences that have shaped not only our view of the world but how we see ourselves and the role we play in our relationships. Our past can negatively affect our behaviours and the choices and decisions we have made ……..and without change will continue to make.

And so by exploring and really understanding the influences of our past we are free to discover our true authentic selves and take complete ownership of our lives.

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